Thumper is so lively and full of personality! Every bunny loves her! She is happy all of the time. Right now she loves to hop out of her enclosure because she knows the treats are in the kitchen. She runs in sliding into the cabinets with precision timing. We love her so much!

Update:  Thumper passed away in her sleep on August 12, 2010 after a wonderful day.  She was ten years old.  We will miss her always.  I wrote a memorial of her life,  A Perfect Life on my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Teddy Bear

Also a darling Mini-Rex, Teddy Bear is soft and sweet! He is a cuddly bunny, but with a select few. He is appropriately named "Bear" as he loves to be in a cave-like environment. His enclosure gives him an area in the back where he likes to hang out in total darkness. With his coloring, we almost can't find him! He is such a love and like Daisy, can go crazy. He enjoys visiting outdoors, but not for too long. He is certainly a cave dweller. All blankets he is wrapped in for cuddles must cover his head!

Daisy Mae

Daisy must be the softest Mini-Rex God ever made! She is just beautiful! She is the delicate, shy bunny of the bunch. But once she feels comfortable, look out for hops, twists, jumps, leaps and the like! I call her "Crazy Daisy" for a reason. She also loves to be snuggled in a baby blanket...awww!


Benjamin is so sweet and soft! He has a mind of his own. He's a real outdoors-bun. He loves to jump on the hillside past the grass and do leaps and jumps in the dirt. He also enjoys digging and "chinning" as many plants as he can. He's a mama's-bun and loves to snuggle. He and Victoria are a charming duo.


Victoria Valentine was rescued the week of Valentine's Day. She has a dual personality: She can be very prissy and girlie and doesn't like her fur to get dirty. But when we let her outside, all bets are off! She is a real tom-boy outside. Digging, sniffing, running and jumping. Her and Benjamin never want to come inside. We have to go into pursuit mode. She's a snuggler too.